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The Cheshire and Warrington Pledge Partnership is unique to the region and is currently fully funded for 2022/23. This means all involvement is free, and employers, further and higher education providers and youth organisations can take part in as much or as little as they want. The Pledge Partnership are particularly keen to support SMEs.

The Pledge Partnership is split into 7 Pledge Areas to ensure young people capitalise on opportunities on their doorstep. However, there are opportunities to work within your local Pledge area or across the region. Being part of The Pledge Partnership you will join a network of over 400 employers, all state-funded secondary schools and colleges, most special and alternative provision schools, all local authorities and youth and community groups.

See our Pledge Core Offer for Employers for a summary of our package of support.

  • Developing a talent pipeline and recruitment support

    The Cheshire and Warrington Pledge Partnership connects employers directly by engaging with educators and young people to help bridge the local skills gap, increase visibility and build your talent pipeline. The Pledge Partnership also work with employers to share best practice, supporting companies to understand how to take on new talent through internships, apprenticeships and experiences of the workplace. The Pledge Partnership can share your vacancies and news across our networks via newsletters and social media.

  • Inspire and inform about careers locally

    The Pledge Partnership understands and acknowledges that there is a mismatch between skills young people choose to acquire and career paths they pursue and what employers in the locality need. The Pledge Partnership provides the opportunity for businesses to directly inspire and inform young people about what opportunities are available and what employers are looking for throughout schools outreach activity.

  • Help schools and colleges shape futures

    Make a difference – Influence schools and colleges to change the face of education

    The Pledge Partnership provides an opportunity for those who want to volunteer from a business, called Enterprise Advisors, to be matched with a school or college to work directly work with the Career Leader and Senior Leadership Team within a school to help impart employer insight as well as their share expertise to help continue develop and deliver a whole-schools careers plan.

  • Business networks and sharing best practice

    Share best practice and stay informed about the local changing business and education landscape

    As a member of The Pledge Partnership, you can also access the wider networks. You can attend your local Pledge Hub Meetings once per quarter to build your local business and education connections and share best practices. Take a look at The Pledge’s upcoming events here.