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Cheshire and Warrington Pledge Celebrates World Health Day & Shares NHS Careers Opportunities

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On 7th April 2023 the World Health Organization observed its 75th anniversary with WORLD HEALTH DAY, a great opportunity to highlight NHS Careers.

In 1948, countries of the world came together and founded WHO to promote health, keep the world safe and serve the vulnerable – so everyone, everywhere can attain the highest level of health and well-being.

WHO’s 75th anniversary year provides everyone with the opportunity to look back at public health successes that have improved quality of life during the last seven decades. It is also an opportunity to motivate action to tackle the health challenges of today and tomorrow.

NHS Careers – Did you know? 

There are over 350 different job roles in the National Health Service for those interested that are actively looking to work in the health sector or even for those that have not considered working in the NHS previously, with a diverse range of careers in the NHS, the opportunities available will amaze you!

There are clinical and non-clinical careers available. You could work on the front line on a ward or never see a patient and still make a difference to people’s lives.  From the person who manages the finances, to the medical staff on the wards, or the maintenance workers keeping the buildings safe and operational, to the clerk who books in an operation, everyone working in the NHS contributes to these vital services.

Within Cheshire and Warrington, there are lots of opportunities to follow an NHS career, and we have strong links to the local NHS trusts and other health and social care providers. You can find out some examples on our video resource page HERE.

You can find out more about the careers currently available HERE.

posted: Thursday 13 April

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